AC Ammeter nixie clock

AC Ammeter nixie clock - after

After finishing the DAP nixie clock, I started to look at other cases I had laying around and found one that was very similar to the DAP case. So I pretty much followed the same steps as the last nixie clock I built. I started by printing out a tube socket layout for the 6 x IN-12 nixie tubes and sticking that on a piece of 3mm MDF, which was cut to fit into the case. I cut out the socket holes and painted the MDF black, so you wouldn’t really see it when looking into the meter.

I then wired up the sockets and connected it all to the clock circuit board I had made in 2009! For the switches, thought about using the holes that were left when I the metal plugs, but the buttons that I had (or could get) just didn’t work well with the holes that were left. So I decided to keep the metal plugs in and drill a couple of new holes for the buttons.

This clock was sold at Five Boroughs – 345 Lygon Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3057

Clock code and schematic design by unusualelectronics

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