Automatic router rebooter

Inside the router rebooter

Found this project which is perfect for us at home.

It’s an automatic router rebooter, which basically reboots your router if it cannot communicate with the internet. Our router (Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 D7000) has known issues with lockups and it needs rebooting every now and then.

This device sits in series with the 12VDC input to the router, checks every 5 minutes to see if the internet connection is up (pings a website) and if it does not get a response, activates the relay which cuts the power to the router for 30 seconds, then enables it again. It then waits for 15 minutes before checking again to allow time for the router to go though its startup process and make the connection to the internet, this makes sure it does not go into an reboot loop.

The hardware I used is made up of a wemos D1 mini, a relay shield which plugs on top of the wemos and a 12V to 5V buck converter to power the wemos.

I also added in the reboot part of the code a write an entey to the influxdb I have running here on a raspberry pi so I can keep a log of how many times and how often it happens.

This is a nice bandaid fix to keep the router going a bit more smoothly (especially since we are all at home using the internet all the time!) until I buy a new router.

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