Neoxnixie clock

“Neoxnixe” clock using IN-12 nixie tubes.

Picked up the old clock from ebay, pulled it apart and removed all of its guts to make space for the tube board and clock PCB. The IN-12 nixie tubes fitted perfectly with the aperture/opening of the clock face.

I used some perforated PCB to mount the tube sockets and the IN-3 indicator lights. The perf PCB was then covered with black contact to hide the perf PCB and also keep it dark inside the clock. Wiring the tube sockets was fun, not! Two groups of three tubes are wired in parallel (2 x 3 mux design) and these two groups are brought back to the clock PCB by the rainbow cables.

UPDATE: Since these photos were taken, a customer saw this clock loved the look of the nixie tubes and the clock case and asked it if could be a four digit clock with an alarm function. Well yes, that can be done! I basically took everything out, made a new tube mounting board for just four tubes and changed the clock circuit to one from Unfortunately i didnt take any photos of it finished, but you can picture it if you look at these photos, take off two tubes from one end and centre it all, voila!

Clock code and schematic design by

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