Buchanan Nixie Clock

One thing I love about this original multimeter is the hand made nature of it. All of the labelling has been engraved by hand and painted white. The maker even engraved his name in the top left hand corner (J.Buchanan).

Clock and tube PCB’s for the tubehobby microprocessor were used and IN-14 nixie tubes were used for the display. After removing the internals of the meter, the front bakelite panel needed a bigger opening for where the tubes were to be displayed, so out with the dremel and away we went!

In a similar way to other nixie clocks I have built, I decided to use the original banana sockets for the power input and the switches. Red and Black banana plugs for the power input going into the original “V&M.A” and “common” sockets and a couple of buttons in the ohms sockets for setting the time and changing options.

This clock was sold at Five Boroughs – 345 Lygon Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3057

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