Simon Law – electronics maker, designer and IT support.

Simon was born in Melbourne, Australia where he grew up tinkering with electronics and computers. After gaining a certificate in electronics (Computer Technician), he then worked in IT for 10 years, 6 of those years working in the UK. A change in direction then took him home to study audio engineering. It was around this time that he discovered nixie tubes and fell in love with their characteristic orange glow. Combining his inner geek and passion for collecting, he beavers away in his Coburg workshop incorporating nixie tubes and other retro finds into his electronic products. He also enjoys developing websites, providing IT support, photography and the odd bit of TV while smashing a bowl of popcorn.

Simon is also a founder of SALTechips, a business he has established with Alex Tsekenis to create unique electronic products.

Interested in your own unique nixie clock or Charlieplex clock? Please contact Simon to discuss having one made up for you.